As this trimester I have been working and studying in the film of TVCs and promotional work, I have actually gotten the chance to get my self a real client to work for and actually have to deliver to. Being my first ever client-based work, I am happy it was something that is conventional and doesn’t have me having to work towards a small and hard to stick to demographics. Working as a professional production company I started a company called J.J.A.C which is the combination of my group members and how we combine our abilities and create our projects. Conquencidentilly the name is the combination of all our group members names. Creating two projects, one being an Experimental Film and the other a Product Advertisement. Our Third project for this year is a TVC for a tow truck company based in South Queensland. Having our oldest member of our group using their interests and knowledge of cars and the demographic we were creating the commercial for we were able to get a story really early.


Now being in the final Post Production stage of this commercial I can now reflect on how we went and what issues we had faced and look at solutions for the future in case the similar incidents were to pop up again. Starting with exposure of my original conceptions of working with a client, I shamefully believed that a client would provide exactly what they were after and seek us the production company to deliver to their image. Shocked and still frightened I had learned this trimester that we as the production companies and creators have to offer ideas to the client! In doing so hope that our ideas would differ to our competitors and be taken on board to deliver the commercial with a confined budget and strict time limit. Honestly still to this day, I am writing this post it still scares me of how much I will have to work outside the box to score work in the field of TVCs. However, in the light of the situation we as the production company for this commercial we were given complete creative freedom in which although is not seen as art in the creative industry it is still great to have the opportunity to add to our portfolio. Another preconception I had believed before entering the field of TVC, is that the client would be constantly there to support the creation of their advertisement. Learning quickly, I didn’t meet our client or even hear their voice or know what they looked like until we began filming. As everything was left in the hands of the producer I fell under command of the director, not the client, which I believed I would be monitored closely originally.


With this conception being exposed and proven wrong I found myself already in the stress of production beginning the fun and challenges that I was unaware to be upon us. Starting with the negatives of our production, we weren’t able to begin filming until 2 weeks after the filming of our second project. Hoping to get a headstart on filming we had many delays which pushed back our filming dates and trampled my time being in post-production and our chances of getting reshoots. With delays caused by our location not getting back to us, in addition to our paperwork not completely compiled we were delayed the first week. The second delay was due to the client itself, as they were unable to keep our first filming day available, putting us back another week. The third and final negative was the fact that we did not get our desired location for one of our scenes, thus causing us to not be prepared for our alternative. Without shots not been previously explored or planned in a shotlist for this alternative location for one of our scenes. The footage did not turn out the best giving our post-production process stress. With these unfortunate events occurring our post-production was pushed back a fair amount and gave us no chance at all to do reshoots with the alternate location that we had to use at late notice.  Although there have been these negatives they haven’t been left forgotten for they hold the lessons to be learnt and implemented in my next project. Such as setting up pre-production for both the orignal locations and the alternative locations in addition to preplanning reshoots if they were needed. This will help us have better quality shots and time the process of post-production and the production better.

However big these negatives have been they still haven’t the positives that we experienced. For instance, during our final shoot day, we ended the day completely on time. In doing so gave us the opportunity the treat our actor to a coffee and properly thank them for joining us for this project. In addition, raise their spirits and make them feel appreciated for their hard work. With completing this I believe I have understood the importance of leaving a positive image of yourself to clients, cast, crew and even those who may interrupt or ask for help. In making sure the positive image is kept, we can in future work with them or get them to talk higher about us and our production company.


Looking at the requirements of this project and the set requests from the client, I believe at this current time we will fulfil them all. Although we have had faults and they have affected some parts of the end product, we are still trying our best and will be delivering something in the end with all our blood sweat and tears in it. Having the remaining stress of the project left in my hands, although gives me a lot of pressure. I certainly will take responsibility for my ability and what I lack to make up for what we can’t fix up in the production itself. With some of our requirements relating to the time frame of the final export, the usage of sharing the commercial, and the client’s request of promoting good vibes and a legal and safe presence. I know that we will do so, by giving them the final product in their requested time length while giving them full rights to do what they wish with the product in addition to doing nothing that will put them in a bad light and giving their audiences the already positive aspects which they are happy with.


Looking out our group and how we have come along from the start of pre-production and into the final stages and exports of the post-production stage. I believe we have learnt a lot and have a better understanding of where we need to improve and fix up to in future avoid the same mistakes we had already made. For instances the crucial importance of nailing pre-production and getting a location down as soon as possible. By any means even if it’s far. Which we eventually did, involving our production to be held in another state. In addition to working towards the creative plan and gaining the knowledge if the filming will fit with the impact, we are trying to make in addition fit the time restraints on the final export. For instance, the story we were trying to implement in our commercial with the footage we got did not time well with the time constraints of 30seconds in which had to involve more than needed post-production handling to stick to our requirements. In addition to the creative elements, I also believe the communication between our group could be massively looked at. Although most of the team were communicating, we were not communicating what needed to be communicated. For example the updates of each member and when they hand in a deliverable or announce that they are working on something which may be already worked on by another member. Having this better communication implemented earlier could have given us more time to fix the bigger issues that were present.

Other than that I do think we have worked together and at least created something at the end of the day, working on our strengths and stretching our weaknesses we have learnt a lot through these project and although this production company will come to an end, it was successful in reaching our goal of improving our skills with every step and leading us into the industry where we are so excited to enter.



After trying and releasing my first TVC mock-up Advertisement, I can honestly say if I were to go into a career in the advertisement I don’t think it would be that bad. Although seeing how it took more than a few weeks, I think I still might need some more practice so I can manage to in future complete more product shots at a quicker rate.

Looking back now, I can honestly say that before going into this project I was way underprepared to even start. Originally I thought I would be able to complete a whole shoot with the same lighting with multiple cameras angles. Compiling that footage and then being able to do the magic in the Post Production Process. Thinking back now I can say I was wrong. For our product shot, we used a bottle of Captian Morgan Orignal Spiced Rum. Choosing this for our group project I realise it was a big mistake. As some brands can pay off with a simple backdrop and rely on the visual lighting enhancements. Our chosen product needed more! a theme to be precise, we had to replicate a theme in order to sell the product. In order for us to advertise this product, we ended up outlaying extra time to preproduction in gather props and extra items in order to make our one and only shoot day successful. Going in with a simple shot list and a ideal lighting plan we were unaware of the amount of play that can go into lighting for such a small scale, such as the amount of spread one light can have and the amount of distance we would need to position it to get the exposure of our scene to an accurate and equal spread.


During the concept to the final output, I believe my creative input had really shined during the pre-production and the post-production. During the preproduction working with another group member, I was able to draft the storyboard and the shotlist for our preconceptions. Although we slightly drifted away from the initial concept we were still using the pre-production during the film. With our storyboard, we stated the ideal views we were after, which lead us to learn how to actually pull them off during production. During the Post-Production, however, I was pretty much-left solo for the outcome of the final product. With much struggle, I believe with my use of colour-grading and after effects masking I was successful in using our footage and creating it into a masterpiece. Learning a few new things along the way, I have ended up being really happy with the bright colours I have brought out of our S.Log3 footage and what little fixups I was able to master to cover some faults of production. As well as using my ability and creative eye I will admit that I had taken inspiration from not only the Captain Morgan adverts which had already been existent, yet also other companies as well. An example of this is the Corona Adverts. Going for the similar style of our product, the corona adverts use a beachy theme and promote summer, which although a different product and different theme to our product. The Corona adverts shared the colour scheme and similar set design that we were using for our advert. Which is why we kept it as the reference for when planning the shots during pre-production as well as the colour reference when colour grading.

From what I have created I believe I have learnt so many new considerations for what I have to look out for when creating another commercial, or creative project. Looking at the technical specs, I have learnt the use of understanding the timing when filming will impact the amount of time remapping needed to do during post. For instance using the premiere speed/duration options, as some frames could be duplicated or deleted it will cause some distortions I will in future have to fix. By working it out during production it will help me out during post-production. Another technical spec to watch out for is shooting in 4k, for instance during our shoot of our master shot, we didn’t think of the frame size as optional and shot thinking everything had to be in the shot. Whereas during post-production some parts were cut and some had to be cut and caused some places that were needed to be out of focus. The avoid this issue I believe having the 1080p box overlay active during filming will help reduce issues when filming in 4k so that in the post we will know what we have to play with better. Looking at the actual production side of the commercial I have learnt the importance of props and their placement, in addition to the use of planning the edit prior to the shoot. This is due to the fact that the orignal text we had chosen did not fit the master shot at all and it caused us difficulties in refining it until we chose a completely different style and format that we settled on to get it to where it is today.  The other important element is the props, during this commercial we used props that pushed our theme to the best it could be, similar to personality without the props our commercial wouldn’t have personality and individuality compared to other commercials.

Looking back at the group members I had for this product shot, I would say we weren’t prepared for starting this project. One of the major issues I had found was the fact that we didn’t have completely set roles this issue caused us to not keep track of what we were doing for the pre-production. Although I already knew my role as the editor my production role was supposedly different, which had me co-create the shotlist and storyboard instead of the DOP. Besides the role confusion I believe, we lacked communication and feedback in each edit release. As the edit, I provided viewable progress edits yet I was given only slight feedback which didn’t give me things to look at and fix. Rather just be informed that I am getting there. As an editor and a group member, I believe this would be a crucial area to be worked on that could have had the post-production process run smoother.


Altogether with the small ups and downs, I think the project in its final form was one of my favourite portfolio pieces and a great skill enhancer for my colour grading. I look forward to the next project, and what this project has taught me and how I can apply it to the future.


The Experiment! – Experimental Films

Last week, I had the chance to Experiment, Explore & Break the rules. 

Experimental Film!

All these years, of looking a bazaar stuff and waiting one day for my chance to make something weird and awkward. HAS ARRIVED!

In a small lecture, I was explained what to look out for when watching experimental films. Yet I discovered something than just new terms and interesting examples. I learnt that I truly enjoy ripping through an experimental artwork and finding what I take from it and what I believe it can tell me. Yet when stating my assumptions, there was some with similar opinions and others with completely different takes from what I had interpreted. Did I try to prove them my point being the only valid one? NO! I enjoyed their opinion as it opened my perspective even more. I can now say

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VR Documentary; Seeing Mutiple Perspectives

Up until now, most documentaries had chosen the perspective for the audience to follow and believe. Although some can evade the influence and oppose the document’s vision, they are still visually locked to what was designed for them to see in the documentary of viewing. With the ever-growing world of virtual reality, films and education can give audiences freedom and the ability to view what they want from a new perspective. No longer being a locked 180* vision yet a whole 360* perspective able to move adjusted to their 180* Field of vision by the causal tilt of their head or device.

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Specialisation Research

This trimester I have done some self-analysis, which has lead to me have an understanding of my strengths and weakness, which hold me back from refining my skills and abilities. For my specialization this trimester I want to work on my current skills and push them to the next limit. With my current favourite roles being an Editor as I am a post-production student. I also have taken an interest in sound recording and designing. For this, I have chosen to have a mixed specialization in Editing and Sound Designing. With my minimal knowledge of colour grading and time management with editing, paired with my constant search for sound effects and lack of autonomy in sound equipment. I believe improving these will benefit me in the future to come.

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