Specialisation Research

This trimester I have done some self-analysis, which has lead to me have an understanding of my strengths and weakness, which hold me back from refining my skills and abilities. For my specialization this trimester I want to work on my current skills and push them to the next limit. With my current favourite roles being an Editor as I am a post-production student. I also have taken an interest in sound recording and designing. For this, I have chosen to have a mixed specialization in Editing and Sound Designing. With my minimal knowledge of colour grading and time management with editing, paired with my constant search for sound effects and lack of autonomy in sound equipment. I believe improving these will benefit me in the future to come.

5 Goals In which will push me to form new skills and structure in my future endeavours. These goals include;

  1. Create Quality Colour Grades
  2. Record my own Folly
  3. TIme management my edits
  4. Know pre-production inside and out
  5. Have a final edit early

My First Goal is to edit some footage and colour grade it to match all scenes and clips, being consistent and at the end of high quality. To measure this I will compare my prior trimesters and this trimesters projects to view my progress and compare the time and quality of the colour grade and its project. To attain this I will need to go out and get myself footage by renting out equipment and set myself-challenges if I am unable to get my hands on footage as an editor for the major project this trimester. This will get me closer to attaining my goal if I can’t rely on the projects. By working on this goal I will hopefully master colour grading as it is a crucial goal for me to attain to become a better editor and will assist me in having clips flow and feel the same across a film. In addition to that enhance my eye for taste in colour which can be helpful when avoiding post and relying on gaffering. To properly attain this in a time constraint I would like to dedicate more time to my editing in general, dedicating more than a whole week to dedicate to colour grading instead of last minute. In doing this I will create myself an editing schedule per project and work towards dedicating enough time per stage of editing.

My Second Goal is to become less reliant on online audio resources and record my own folly. To keep on track with this goal, depending on the project I am working on if I require a sound I can get myself such as atmos or even basic sounds I will seek out to gather it myself and challenge myself and implement at least 4 follies recorded by myself by the end of the trimester. With my current skills in audio I believe I am more than capable of getting my own folly, however, I would like to challenge myself and put myself more into the field then rely on online sources. I believe by getting practice in recording my own folly I will be able to control what I record and in future have better quality audio which will increase not only my quality in projects but myself in becoming an audio specialist. To complete this goal in a timely matter I will need to complete at least 4 follies and use them accurately in my projects this trimester and dedicate myself time to implement and tweak my captured folly.

My Third Goal is to manage my time accurately when editing reducing last-minute rushes. To measure the results of this goal with each project, I am editing this trimester I will take it upon myself to give myself an accurate amount of time to have higher quality edits and be able to deliver to deadlines earlier such as being able to give a rough copy within a week of the actual recording. To attain this goal I will need to push myself into setting myself plans and sticking to it giving the director/producer or myself on time results with structure. By working on this goal I will increase my quality of edits and in future have the ability to be a professional editor with a work ethic that future employers will rely on. To complete this goal I have to dedicate myself at least three weeks of time to each and every project this trimester. To dedicate more time to each stage of editing. Rough Cut, Directors Edit, Fine Cut, Audio, Colour Grade.

My Fourth Goal is to take part and know my pre-production in and out. To measure this during each of my productions I will understand what is happening and ask fewer questions and be on top of most of the production. To attain this I will need to view and confirm my knowledge with the director prior the production in addition to having the guidance paperwork such as script and shot list with me to ensure I will be on top of the production. By sticking and completing this goal I will be able to ensure myself and future working members I am reliable and self-sufficient, working on the production. In the time constraints, this is possible to complete as long as I am able to read all pre-production documents prior to starting work on a production.

My Fifth Goal is to finalise all my edits before their due date. To do this each project I work on will require an edit at least a few days before it’s due. To do this I will dedicate myself to a schedule and stick to it giving myself a timeline and a structure which will undoubtedly succeed if stuck by. Leaving myself with a completed final edit with time to do minor tweaks or more work towards the marketing and documentation. By giving myself a schedule to stick by this goal will be attainable due to the force structure which will be stuck to and upon completing giving myself time to do minor adjustments as the project would be complete. By learning to design and stick to a schedule I will be able to work myself into a professional environment in the future giving me the edge in future projects and career. As this goal revolves around time upon each project finishing its production stage I will set myself a schedule for the post-production then immediately implement it and stick to it in which will leave me time to reflect on my projects and set myself time for feedback.

Week 2

Begining my second week of trimester I have attempted to drill my goals into my pre-study routine. In which prior to starting an assessment I will put them next to each goal and see how using my goals I can complete them with each assessment. This week I have attended the workshop and post-production class. During the post-production class, I had been informed of this trimester’s projects for our module in addition to what outcomes I should be looking at. Being handed a workshop, I was instructed to edit some accumulated B-Roll and interview footage for the “behind the scenes” of the film Bad Blood (2017). In this task, we had been instructed to edit the interview footage to be accurate to the script and then add the B-roll footage to support the Behind the scenes. Yet before starting this task I had viewed my goals and wanted to dedicate this project to my goals of time management and early finished cuts. From this, I have started working and ended completing a fine cut for this edit.
Bad Blood (2017) BTS Edit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WSpivX5WIakVfDWhDJBZv5sNvSi7jawi/view


During this week I also attended a Camera and lighting workshop. From this, I was able to practice with lighting equipment and camera equipment to create a set of documentary interviews. Now witnessing first hand I am now able to manipulate a controllable set to create a filmable environment for a subject to be interviewed. In addition to learning about lighting and camera options, I was also introduced to some new equipment provided by SAE. This was the Canon C100 shoulder mount, attaching on to the pull focus kit the shoulder mount gave me the ability to take interviews to the public and rely less on upfront controlled interviews. Which I was told we will practice in the future for our another workshop for Vox Pops.
Week 2 Camera Workshop: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sZqIgZk5pq7EbLCESKyQpduXAKyQZpqS/view

Week 2 Lighting Workshop:

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZgM7Q8A7fapFQVSwGa4Nd6q-y-RLJ4GN/view?usp=sharing


To summarise the week, I have learned the use of the new C100 shoulder mount, in addition, new lighting techniques such as the slash and the use of shadows in interviews.

Week 3

This week in the workshops we were retouching on the previous weeks’ workshop and putting our newly gained knowledge to a real-location. This week I was placed in a group and within this group, we were given a location where we had to film and record an interview in an unfamiliar and non-controlled environment. Our group was given the loading dock of our uni, that being a dark and very reflective and echo like environment. Having the challenge of working with a natural light was a hard and unlike anything I have done personally. Besides the cringe-worthy look of my self, I believe my group did very well. To practise my editing skills I edited the footage and combined them.
Week 3 Lighting & Camera Workshop:

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DhE4ijIHJbfitwuZmdBnlMm_gQzY-6ti/view?usp=sharing


To summarise this week, I have learned new ways of how to light a subject with an unusual background and how to communicate with a group to make results in lighting and camera positioning. Using what I learned from the workshop I have noticed how difficult it is to gaffer as well as the number of lighting techniques that could be explored to get my desired effect.

Week 4

Week 4 has been a busy week for both production and post-production. To start this week we invested our time in an analysing workshop. Linking back to our trimester’s topic of documentaries, we looked at some documentaries and analysed the Characters, Conflict, Angle and Structure of a few documentaries. In this exercise, I had learned what to look out for when pre-planning for a documentary and other film projects. Continuing on from there during our post-production class we had a workshop on Colour Grading, With must anticipation, I was thankful to have a chance to learn a new program to advance my colour grading techniques. Making my first attempt with the new program Divinci Resolve I fell in love! With even slight touches on the Bad Blood Edit, I did a few weeks ago, I noticed the quality of colour grades were a significant change to my old ways. With no more over-exposed Colour Grades I am able to have a professional final cut.

Week 4 Analytical Workshop:



Week 4 (Color Grading Workshop):

Bad Blood Interview (Before):


Bad Blood Interview (After): Raised the whites


Bad Blood Morgan Scene (Before):


Bad Blood Morgan Scene (After): Raising; Greens, Reds, Browns


BadBlood (Behind the Scenes) (Final): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wUjsMhx1VTM-slMt5vFJBLji71Il6gXQ/view?usp=sharing

To summarise this week I have experimented with colour grading in addition to analysing and breaking down documentaries. From the lessons and workshops I have had this week I believe I am now further in developing ideas for my next projects as well as colour grading my next edits work. With more to learn, I can’t wait to implement my newly gained knowledge into the rest of my projects.

Week 5

Not much happening this week, due to presentations and other events. Yet personally I dived into my post-production project for the trimester. Our project revolving around the use of parallaxes and the enhancement of still images. I have spent most of my own time this week learning the skills of masking and the breaking down and repair of an image and turning it into an animated sequence with after effects.

Parallax Orignal Image:


Parallax Mask – Foreground:

Mask 1

Parallax Mask – Mid Ground:

Mask 2

Parallax Mask – Background:

Mask 3.PNG

Parallax Attempt (50fps) – (Not Normal Speed):

With my current efforts with this Parallax, I believe I have made a good attempt yet, I will most likely need to redo it as well as the need to choose different images that do not include people. This is because people in a shot if they are attached to an object become harder to move and defeats the overall effect the parallax attempts to make. Yet with this start, I now feel confident in continuing in creator more Parallax and believe I can accomplish this project before it’s due date.

Week 6:


Forced Study Week

^Lecturers were absent this week so we had an early study week ^


Week 7:

This week has been a big jump out of my comfort zone. For this weeks workshop, we focused on VoxPops interviews. VoxPops interviews are an interview that takes place with the public, with real people and real sound. With this project we went out into West End – Brisbane in groups of fours we had a Camera Operator, Audio Recordist, Director and An Assistant. With a small crew, we were able to capture decent quality interviews in addition to having a little control of lighting and positioning with the help of reflectors and diffusers from the Assistant. During the day our groups of fours rotated roles so we all got a chance to experience a roll. Personally being a camera operator was a challenging task for me, as I am not as confident with positioning as I’d like to be, however, my group being supportive were happy with my cinematography at the end. With the opportunity, I was able to Colour Grade some of the footage and get more of practice for my future projects this trimester.

Week 7 – VoxPop Workshop (My Interview/Camera Work)

During this workshop, we asked people “What does the word Home mean to you?” Being an open question the responses were not predictable making it an interesting topic.

Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wkVnqgXmdoru4avqn58xTE9kJSVrCNcx

Week 7 – Interview 2 (Orignal):

Interview-2 Orignal.jpg

Week 7 – Interview 2 (Graded): Raise of Reds and BrownsInterview-2 Edit.jpg

Week 7 – Interview 4 (Orignal):

Interview 4.jpg

Week 7 – Interview 4 (Graded): Raise of Blues, Reds and Browns

Interview 4-G.jpg

Week 7 – Interview 8 (Orignal):

Interview 8.jpg

Week 7 – Interview 8 (Graded): Raise of Reds and Yellows

Interview 8-g

During this workshop I felt closer to my group in addition to the people of West End – Brisbane as I had recently moved to Brisbane it was a great experience for me to meet the locals and see why it is important to them living here. With this designed question of the meaning of Home, I was able to further understand my new home and feel a bit connected to the people of it.

Week 8 – 9

This week has been dedicated to filming for our major projects for this trimester. Being part of 2 major productions I had taken the role of audio recordist for a production called “Hollow Victories”, During this production, I joined for the interviews and witnessed the whole filming process. Overall, I enjoyed the story I was working with and was blown away but the message I received from it.



My second project was my major project. This one still waiting to be titled be currently, “Behind the curtain”. During production days I haven’t been needed, as I have been the editor. With this production, I have been receiving the footage slowly and still waiting on many more to come. This production will be my first ever 4k production and with this new footage, I had to learn some skills which allowed me to edit freely and easily, by downscaling the footage. In addition to downscaling, I also learnt a new way to communicate with a director. By learning how timecodes work I am able to recreate low scaled files to upload to my director which include clip titles and timecodes. This skill has been very valuable and as I know will assist me in all my future productions.

Although I haven’t done much to deliver these weeks I look forward to getting into my second major project and releasing an edit.

Week 10

This week I was able to participate in getting some interview recordings for my major project “Behind the Curtain”  As I had must frustration with myself for not being part of the production stage of the production I was able to get my team to allow me to come on and make use of my hands. Setting up the audio I let me director seal herself in the room with our interviewee and conduct the interview.

In addition to waiting for more footage and audio interviews, I had dedicated most of this week to working on my parallax and getting them up to scratch. Originally only has 2 working yet not looking good I have finished this week with 4 completed. With one more to go, I am more than excited to combine them together.



Snow Climber Parallax 3.png


^These are the current images I have parallax so far, full video to come soon^

So far this week has been dedicated to catching myself up on my current projects. This week, I have also started working on some cross-discipline work. A friend of my who is studying design gave me the opportunity to work on their commercial for their newly designed plushies.  Given the already filmed footage, I was able to complete the project this week. Although I am not allowed to show the project yet, below is a snapshot.

Plushi Project Fine Cut.00_00_29_23.Still001.jpg

This will be my last entry for my week’s progress, my next entry will be my summary of this trimester and how I have attempted my goals.

Looking back at my Trimester I had set myself some goals.

  1. Create Quality Colour Grades
  2. Record my own Folly
  3. Time management my edits
  4. Know pre-production inside and out
  5. Have a final edit early


Going through the list I will see how well I have come for each goal.

The first Goal, was to create Quality Color Grades with this goal I have worked on multiple small projects this trimester and many of them have I have dedicated the time to colour grade them. Learning a new program this trimester I have mainly learnt about raising and lowering colours in addition to the differences between log luts and normal luts. With what I have produced this trimester, I believe I have the skills in colour grading footage in log, however, I do not believe I have yet achieved quality with my grades yet. As the manipulating colour of non-log footage, I seem to overexpose or even denaturalise the orignal colour. An Example of this is my Voxpop where I had to raise the colours of footage filmed on a cloudy day. Where I had to raise colours which affected the look of the overall production. For next trimester I would like to further my skills and attend more tutorials and seek professional help when starting a colour grading on a project.

Interview 8Interview 8-g

The Second Goal, I had chosen to work on recording folly for my own projects. Unfortunately, this trimester none of my actual projects required folly, with this I was not able to go out and get folly that would actually be beneficial for my projects. However, for my visual documentary, I had a blast of a time working towards recording an audio student mixing some tracks. During this, I was able to position a mic during the live sound and capture noises such as (flicks, taps, twists) which added to the experience of what a behind the scenes look of what a live performance you wouldn’t hear. Although not folly during editing being able to edit and attempt to capture just those noises as it is, was amazing. Maybe next trimester I can work towards getting my own folly for future commercial work next trimester.

Visual Documentary “In The Zone”

The Third Goal, I had wanted to work on my time management skills, this involved myself having spaced out edits for each project so that I could have high-quality edits. For the most part, most of my projects had been edited immediately and had been of high quality at the end. Although for my major project “Behind the Curtains” the edits have not been anywhere near time manageable due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortuenly with the current time I am writing this, we have a very rough draft and are still out to get more footage and interview recorded. This major project although going to be against my orignal goal will still be completed without rest. With this goal, although not met for my major project was still obtained through my other projects and has taught me the importance of having set deadlines and progress reports. From this, I look forward to my future in editing.

The Fourth Goal, I had was to push myself to know the preproduction of my projects for the trimester. With many of my projects this trimester I had not needed too much pre-production knowledge, more just the times and place including equipment that was needed for the shoots, as I was not needed for pre-production. However, during my Major Production “Behind the Curtains”, although not needed for the production, I kept in contact with my team with what was happening in addition to viewing the treatment and structure they were after to help me understand how they wanted the production edited. Although not really evident I viewed all changes and feedback crucial to fixing up the edit and sticking to the director’s image. Yet with this goal, although not overly achieved I did find it useful to stick to my own preproduction and when I prepared for my own shoots and such I was able to stick to what I had originally set out to complete and get.


The Fith and Final Goal, linking close to my third goal was to have all my final edits done early, yet I was not able to complete this goal for my Major Project “Behind the Curtains”  as I am nowhere near finished a fine cut a week prior the showcase night. Due to the many unforeseen circumstances, I can’t control I won’t be able to complete this goal for this particular project,. With my other projects such as my visual documentary and my audio documentary, editing them was not possible due to the ability to film them wasn’t at the time accessible prior to the due date. Overall I was not able to successfully complete this goal, however, I have enjoyed having this goal set due to it’s a constant reminder that I need to deliver and show the progress of my work to my group and fellow production members.

Overall this trimester while setting myself these goals at first, I thought were easily achievable yet as I furthered my trip through this trimester I realised the difficulty of trying to complete them and stay with them as I balanced classes and my life around completing them. For next trimester I wish to do this once again, yet giving myself examples of how to complete these goals prior to going into the trimester so I can learn what I want and know that I will be able to complete them.



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