Looking At Future Content!

With the constant progression of technology more and more ways of communicating and displaying ideas and dreams are possible.With our current generation of technology we now have VR and 360* cameras. Although expensive this new experience is worthwhile and really changes the traditional way we view content.

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Yet due to the high expense and the lack of objects to use these advances not everyone can have a go at these experiences. With the rise of 360* cameras, audience members can use their mobile device or a VR headset to see more than just a flat single view of a scene. Audience members can physically look where they want and have a custom experience where their view can make them want to view again but from a different angle.

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Similar to Peter Jacksons attempt with higher frame rates with the Hobbit prequels. Content creators are afraid to take risks and try new things due to the potential loss of money or fan base. However, if we can look past some of these risks we can potentially change our current traditional media and advance into a new age for new possibilities. Although seeming impractical I dream of a potential future where theatres are filled with VR headsets and auto swivel chairs. Where they chairs will track the action of a scene and the audience can have a maybe 270* viewing angle wherein their seats can move their heads and view where they want if the content.

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In doing this audience members can be more immersed in their content and form more personalised experiences from their perspective. This will also change how video content would be shot and shown. Reducing cuts and working on more pans and continuous shots. Thus keeping the audience attention and giving them more to look at and experience.

Although this idea may be decades away. We can only hope to what our future of media could be. As technology is constantly changing we may find an alternative to this potential media which could not only change film or how we view pictures, but maybe how we view games or art and music.

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