Indie Music – Music Videos

In looking at the music videos on Youtube and Television you will tend to notice that the videos are of those who are popular artists. Mostly well known and easily identifiable these videos are of great popularity. As much as we see these popular songs and their creative videos there are many music lovers that don’t see their favourite artists have a music video.

As an indie music lover, I have much love for the audio of these songs however I always find my self-trying to visualise a potential outcome of how a song could be portrayed in a video. Sadly with not many video creators specialised in music videos would consider indie artists. This is due to the lack of audience they will deliver to whereas if they were to work with a popular mainstream artist.

Not having visuals to assist them indie artists publish their videos with artworks mixed with particle effects. An example of this is :

In this example, you can see a mix of indie chill step tracks compiled together with the only visuals the drawn background with the animated snowy particle effects. Another example of this is in the video I created for some piece which gave eye candy to the audience.


I do agree with these visual they are somewhat satisfying however when It comes to music that has deeper meaning and lyrics that tell a story in themselves I believe having a visual aid can do so much more for the message as a whole.

As I only have one experience in creating visuals for a piece of music I do believe it strengthens and aided the story that the audience perceived.


Although it may not look like much I have had positive results from my created video as the audience has quickly identified with the on-screen character and understand their challenges as they can see them visually.


The purpose for this post, it to point out that there isn’t a lot of music videos for indie music such as Lofi, and I believe people like myself in the future should invest time in enriching a better experience from the combination of music and visuals. Similar to my favourite


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