Anime – Film Adpation

As a big anime fan, I dream about using my filmmaking skills in animation. But then it occurred to me why can’t I just make anime into a film. As I tried to find research for successful anime film adaptions I was completely shocked to find out that they aren’t very successful or accurate.

Popular Shows such as;

Dragon Ball:


Speed Racer:


Full Metal Alchemist:


Got a live action adaption and were planned to be very successful hits, however, they did not reach the hype that they were predicted to be.

As these mainstream live-action company’s make these films they try to address to their audiences rather than those who are fans of the series. In doing they miss the main demographic and attend to meet and audience which has expectations differing to the demographic.

As these big budget, live action filmmakers try to create content for their aimed audience they try to focus more on the genre and less on the story and consistency to the original source material. This leads to the more suited demographic to dislike the live action for no recreating and sticking to the canon found in the source material.

However, these big budget filmmakers are on a strict time limit are not able to fit in the whole canon story of the source material due to time constraints. Whereas actual tv shows can show a character progression and a story unfold in a 12 episode of 24 episode season. Whereas a 1hr to the 2hr time period for a character progression and story in a film is hardly enough time to engage with the audience. This explains why the live action doesn’t live up to the source material as a whole, however many elements can still be creative.

By showing important parts of the story in addition to using realistic visual effects the audience can still feel immersed in the story and understand the idea of the source material. In the example above for all-time famous Dragonball series this film adaptation although not accurate to the story as a whole still introduces the same characters and have them fight the same antagonist and push the protagonists to the same goal. Only different is the scenario and character designs in which causes the adaption to feel unlike it’s sources material.


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