Getting Higher Frames!

In modern day games, higher framerates are key. By getting past the 60 frames a second barrier, gamers are able to experience fluid and nicer movements and experience. For example in this video below you can see on the left the game is being played at 30fps while on the right the game is played at 60fps.



  • Motion Blur
  • Jittering


  • Reduced Motion Blur
  • Smooth Fluid

When looking at games a higher frames seems to make gameplay a better experience for the audience members. If high frame rates work for games then why won’t it work for film?

Almost all films follow the norm of being played at the standard 24fps. In this many have tried to oppose this norm by having a higher frame rate however in doing so these films have not been successful.

Looking at these following examples you can see that higher frames reveal more and create a flow of videos.



Looking at this first example you can see at 12.5fps the moving line is jittering and jumps to keep up. Whereas the film standard 25fps line moves smoother with a bit of blur in its motion. Yet in comparison to the 50fps, the moving line is clear with no motion blur, moving smoother and somewhat faster.

Looking at the second example, an actual real-life object a waterful you can see the range from 24fps to 60fps more detail is visible, showing the flow of the water and it’s direction. In addition more light has been exposed giving the image a brighter and vibrant effect.

With these positives in higher frames why aren’t they being used?

This is due to the norm being expected. As the flaws or looks of 24fps is what people are comfortable with change can make most people feel uncomfortable or even sick. With this affecting audiences members film makers tend not to use higher frames rates.

Looking at Peter Jackson’s film


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