Film Studies Blog Activity #3: Spectacle and Technology

As technology is constantly changing and being reinvented. The old ways of things seem to be obsolete.  With the so many changes in technology things that were common practice are now seen as a forgotten art or even a waste of time. An example of this is writing with a pen or pencil and paper. In schooling days using a pen and paper was the original way to take notes or even communicate long distance. With technology at our fingertips, kids from young ages are taught to use computers to do writing tasks and no longer use the technique of writing by hand.

In a film sense, maybe people believe that the changes in technology have eroded or killed the craft of storytelling through film. In other words, the story becomes a second priority while the other elements are first. With the film world-changing this way I believe that the effects are now already permanent. Say for instances the original James Bond films were made in a time where the story was the main priority part of the film. The films are focused on the story yet used the limited special effects for gadgets and other action based stunts to capture the audience in the story.


Now in the time where special effects are needed to keep an audience’s attention of the film itself instead of the story. However, the new James Bond which seems like it should use more effects in its modern era yet it uses less gadget within the story and relies heavily on the story. Challenging the new convention of more effects over story. Continuing its franchise it still is successfully and has adapted to the new modern age of technology, however, keeping its approach to the story.


As a filmmaker, I would like to use technology not as much within my film but for my film while being viewed. As watching a movie with surround sound is fun, actually feeling like you are there is better than watching it from a far. The technology I am referring to is 4D which is paired with 3D technology. 4D adds contraptions such as hydraulics and air compressors to seats to add to a theatrical experience. Although this technology has been around for a while it still feels like a new experience everytime.



10 thoughts on “Film Studies Blog Activity #3: Spectacle and Technology

  1. Good work with this blog! I have to agree with you that technology is constantly evolving, meaning older techniques are becoming more obsolete. There is nothing we can do about these changes so why not embrace them? Good point on the James Bond films regarding the story. I am also not a strong believer that the story gets affected because of technological advances in the film industry. Some stories would not even be able to get released without the advances in technology. I mean imagine ‘Pacific Rim’ without CGI…

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  2. Very good ideas chasen. I totally agree with you when you say. “As a filmmaker, I would like to use technology not as much within my film but for my film while being viewed.” I totally agree that we should use technology to benefit the film and not hinder it.


  3. You have an interesting and valid point of view when it comes to technological advancements in film. I, too, believe that there is no use in fighting the inevitable, that we should embrace new technologies as they come. However, this is a process of trial and error and- whilst some filmmakers can introduce these technologies without hindering the story (like Avatar, for instance)- a focus on accepting and experimenting with technology, if not done correctly, can overshadow the narrative. This is particularly detrimental to a films success, as it will be remembered by audiences for its bad use of technology instead of its story, such as Independence Day: Resurgence.

    (Independence Day: Resurgence was ranked no. 20 on Business Insider’s “worst movies of 2016” list:


  4. Very interesting points that you have touched on here. While I do agree that in some films story does become the second priority, however, I believe that it can also be positive when used correctly. Special effects can help propel a story forward and tell it in a new and unique way not possible until now.


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