Film Studies Blog Activity #2: Audience Member

As an audience member, we all like to watch films in our own way. Whether it be at the theatre, at home or even in virtual reality.


I for one prefer to watch films at home. Closing my self off from the world. Being in my room with the lights off and my tv in front of my bed so I can peacefully and comfortably watch my films away from distractions. Paired with my 7.1 surround headphones I instantly can feel immersed in the film I am watching.

Compared to the theatre I prefer being at home without having the worries of costs and other high priced food and beverages. In a theatre environment depending on which film I am seeing, there is usually a high amount of audience members with me with some of them being potentially distracting. With these faults in being in a theatre environment, I can find my self-missing multiple hidden parts of a film.However being in my home I can have full control of what I see and if I miss something I can always rewind and see it again, without buying another ticket.

When watching films I tend to engage more when there is a strong amount of subtext within the film. As the subtext being the hidden messages I often find them relating back to myself and either make me question my choices, ideas, and view of the world. By seeing characters of these films take on challenges with these hidden metaphors behind them I feel as though I too can possibly do the same in my everyday life.


With this engagement, a film gives me I can see an escape to the world where relatable problems and scenarios can be acted on. Bringing me closer to my inner thoughts and giving me hope or even a break, from the everyday problems and scenarios I face.




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