Getting Professional – Self Marketing

When looking at sales or marketing the main idea or goal is always to sell the product right?


When looking at marketing it’s not always the product itself which has to be advertised. In some cases, it’s the company or in a creative industry the person. You may be thinking “Well why would they care about the company or the person, why not the product?” The answer to that question is that the product its self is only as good as the person or company that made it.

An example of this is in the peripheral company Razer.


Razer is a gaming peripheral company that creates keyboards, mouses and even computers for the gaming community. In marketing, Razer has not focused on their products but their connection to gamers. The CEO of Razer,

Min-Liang Tan


Is a gamer who advertises his company as a group of people who loves playing games. In many of their commercials, they use their own staff to play games and provide commentary which is almost like any other gamer.

Quickly grabbing attention and customers from oppositions like Corsair and Cool Master, Razer has gained enough fame and reputation to make some what useless products and still keep their position in the gaming company race.

Products such as the

Razer Chroma Mug:


The Razer Chroma Mug is a color changing mug holder which links to the colors of other Razer products. Reminding gamers to drink regularly and to show off the razer range. Although not really a gaming product it proves that it’s the person or company which sells, not the product.

In my case, trying to advertise my self and portray my content as a part of me is quite difficult in my current state. With ever changing ideas and approaches, nothing is certain yet. However, if I was to attempt to portray myself I believe separating my self from other creators is a start. To do this my I will have to expose my oddities and individual characteristics and link it with my content.

To name a few of my oddities:

  • Changes Interior design often


  • Fixing broken things


  • Killing Stereotypes


With these oddities, I believe advertising my self as a person or creator that is a changer who is an ideal antagonist which likes to fix or mend the broken things that are around them…

Probably not creating an image in your head. Yet probably seems like a creator who will change the system by fixing issues and precautions that may be false.


Although I am constantly changing and developing my skills while still on a road of self-discovery who knows what I will be like in the future.


One thought on “Getting Professional – Self Marketing

  1. I like that you included the topic about how the CEO of Razer is a gamer himself. The decision to make a connection with gamers is a very important one. I think though you could have elaborated on why it’s a good decision to show why it’s a good choice. But other than that, good blog post 🙂


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