Getting Profesional – Using Data

Data being a collection of information is a crucial part of being a creator. Whether being a product designer, a musician, or a film creator data is our most needed item before we can even start our ideas.

Data collection includes, people’s age groups, people’s likes and dislikes and interests a creator knowing this data can work and create towards their desired or aimed group of people.

Say for instances I am a film creator wanting to create a family-friendly film, I would use data to know what audiences I am aiming for and what are they don’t want included in my film and their interests to include.

Data can be collected in many ways; either through a survey, review or even just a simple conversation. Data is easy to obtain in a face to face environment however online it’s easier.

While searching the web using Google you are sending data of what your searching to Google and Google collects that data and gives you what you are after. However, in giving your searches to Google, you are giving Data in which can be sold and used against you.

Collective Data is data which is collected from a group of people and only can be used as an estimation whereas Personal Data is data which is only of one person. This including their dislikes, interests and history companies like Google who receive this data can use it to their advantage. Firstly Google takes your search data and provides you with ads or search options for things you have once looked at or regularly look at. With these Data companies pay Google to filter their companies products into relevant ads giving Google money for Personal Data.
Although Google isn’t the only one that collects data they are one of the main internet data collectors. Another website would be social media like Facebook. Facebook is a big and popular social media service, it’s data collection has more refined Collective Data containing countless Personal Data’s this being more refined Facebook can display ads to not just individuals but groups as a whole. As collective data is group based data once refined it’s no longer an estimate and it is seen as accurate.

With this knowledge, you can see that data can be easily collected and used for benefit. However, it can also be used against you in a way in which companies can make profits and sales of your Data between other services making Data valuable. As the future continues to grow Data becomes more of a crucial and important thing to individuals. For information, once being cheap it is now worth more than possessions and even closer to personal identity.


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