Getting Professional – Ownership

When creating content the matter of copyright and rights to using and portraying others content is always a concern to watch out for. As the standard copyright of someone’s original creation state, they own all rights to the distribution and usage of said creation. That being said there is constant debate about which things are copyright and which aren’t.

As a creator whatever you make you will feel as though it is your and yours alone, and that no one can use your said creation without your permission. Yet when an individual uses parts of your creation or references it with credit the creator would often feel robbed of their creation and feel threatened by ones that use it. That is where a creator could potentially file for copyright infringement resulting in the shutdown or removal of said used parts.

In copyright laws that are valid and it is their work. Yet if someone can create something new to an extent where it is different to the original how is it that the original be justified and reserved only to the original creator. Just looking at films and music we instantly believe they are original yet some are copies of others with changed aspects avoiding copyright infringements.

As much as I like these copyright laws protecting content it is also restricting in a way.  In my creation, I have made audio reactive visuals to practice and show off my skills. As a non-talented audio lover, I require audio to practise this. According to copyright, I have to own rights to use others creations even if it is for non-financial gain on my part. As I’ve been told it is theft for me to use the music of others I believe giving full credit to the audio creators itself I think I have shown my respect and my audience the information to seek the creators of said audio.

That being said maybe we need to have a more detailed form of copyright and maybe a reminder of what we post and the risks we take in uploading our creations.


One thought on “Getting Professional – Ownership

  1. wow great job on the sound track, the post is very informative. I thought you brought up a lot of good points, about copyrights. I agree copyright can be restricting, and confusing.


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