Getting Professional – Interviews

While studying to become part of the creative industry employers can potentially hire my growing skills and employ me in a professional position.  Which then can assist me in not only growing my portfolio and work experience but integrate me into a network of creative professionals leading me to other jobs and projects. Yet before beginning that I will have to learn how to perform during an Interview and how to distinguish myself as a different and more qualified candidate for my desired position.


To first learn I must evaluate my recent interview experiences and see what I can improve on to further succeed in making myself stand out from the crowd.

Recent Interview:

My most recent interview was that of a call centre dealing with inbound and outbound calls about international phone services.


Upon arriving I was seated in an office left to my thoughts as I waited for the interviewer. Once she had arrived we casually yet professionally introduced ourselves. She then asked me what I knew of the company before doing a rundown of the company and how it was founded to how it works.  From there we discussed my abilities and what skills I have which would assist me if I were to work in this position.  Ending the questions, I then proceeded to view and observe an employee at work. Unfortunately, I could only listen and not participate in asking questions and seeking more information, causing my motivation to slip noticeably. I soon had a chance to ask questions yet with myself not having much to ask as the questions had already passed my mind I didn’t ask much. I then said my goodbyes and thank you’s and left, later receiving a phone call that I had not been successful.



Seeing how the interview went with the outcome I have learnt that I must first do further research in the company before entering an interview. This would show the employer that I was keen to enter the company and that I am already showing that I am part of the company. The next thing I should work on is keeping motivation and showing that I will be comfortable in working in this environment and can continue to work in it with a smile on my face. In addition, I should work on holding many questions to asking them as soon as I can which will show the employer that I am keen to know more and see more of what the company is and that I am ready to be a part of the company and take on a roll as it was my own to learn in.


Although I haven’t had many interviews, by breaking down my mistakes I can learn and progress in future interviews and demonstrate myself as a progressive candidate which will be the perfect person for the desired roll which could potentially take on higher ones in the future.



One thought on “Getting Professional – Interviews

  1. While I agree with your statement about asking more questions in an interview, I think the sole purpose of this should not just be to show your enthusiasm towards the job, but you should also consider that an interview allows you to get insight into the way the company you are applying to operates, and as well as them evaluating whether you are a good fit for them, you should also evaluate if they are a good fit for you. You have made it clear that you wish to have you opinions heard in your career, and if that is something you aim for, you should make sure that the people you aim to work with think that fits with them as well.


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