Film Studies Blog Activity #1: City Of Gold

When analysing the opening scene for the city of gold the Editing, Cinematography, Lighting, Colour, Mise-en-scène and Sound, become noticeable and identifiable.

Firstly the editing, using a lot of jumps cuts the scene starts out with a Knife getting sharpened then quickly fades to black and then shows another few seconds of the Knife getting sharpened. In the instants of the fade and continuation of the scene, it could be classed as a jump cut with its rapid change between scenes.  As the scenes continue more and more information is given giving the audience an idea of what location the soon to be shown characters are at.

Second is the Cinematography, The small clips shown at the beginning of the film are Handheld Close-Ups which quickly change with each cut. Specifically focusing around a chicken which is watching the decapitation of other chickens. This makes the audience instantly give their attention to the chicken which is the current main subject of the story. The audience then begins to understand and connect to the chickens feeling to its unpleasant sight.

The third is the Colour, the colour within this opening scene is Low Contrast with a faded and dark colour palette. With this little to no colour and span of a faded city, the audience then has an emotional response and begin to feel uncomfortable and unaccustomed to the scenes displayed. Giving the audience an interpretation that the story isn’t set in a bright joyful location but an uncontrolled and depressing one. This colour scheme continues until the recently appearing main character flashes back to his childhood. As his childhood being a stress-free and non-dangering the colour scheme is different being bright and warm. Although still having semi-faded colours such as red/orange the audience instantly reacts and feels stress-free of the scene.

Although these are only a few of the elements they are very easy to identify and can be compared to other films for similar effects.


One thought on “Film Studies Blog Activity #1: City Of Gold

  1. You have a well understanding of editing during the title sequence as you identify the stylistic approach and method that is establishing during the scene. Observing the cinematography used to capture their audience as well as identifying the colour pallets used to persuade viewers of the atmosphere and mood of the scenes. You have an insightful perspective on the approach and stylistic choices the title sequence has taken to engage an audience.


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