Getting Professional – Using Social Media

With my rapid increase of skills that I am learning and demonstrating while at university, I now think it is time for me to expose my talents and create a professional identity for myself.  As I already have integrated my talents into YouTube I still don’t have enough content to prove my consistency and knowledge I am learning and understanding of the film industry. So to further my efforts to create a network and promote my portfolio, I think it’s time for me to add another social media website to form and expose my Professional Identity.

Before creating any form of social media page, I should first understand my objectives of owning and promoting my professional social media account.


  1. To establish myself as a creator with growing skills that can be useful for other creators and companies.identity
  2. To build a fanbase which recognises my talents and wants to see more.daumen_header_referenzen
  3. To receive feedback on my content and to strive with my new knowledge.


With these objectives, I believe my professional social media account will not only be beneficial for myself but also a way for others to input ideas and maybe give suggestions and maybe see their ideas come to life and expand with a community. Creating a network to be formed containing not only professionals and creators but a community of people willing to be apart of what I have formed and join my efforts into becoming apart and making the most of my time in the creative industry. Although these are only the current objectives who knows how they can change and grow as the years pass from the day I create it.




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