Getting Professional – Income

Upon completing my Uni course I more than just know I am going to be chucked in the deep end like many others. As everyone knows there are countless creative minds who are looking just like me who are seeking employment and are wanting to share their skills and ideas with the industry of creative media. A lot of the time we the new creators don’t have enough finance and equipment to even get our names out Knowing this I need a plan to earn money while keeping up my creativity to put myself further into the industry. As there are many options of where to start I need to know what my main content would be and what I can do to get it out to the world and where can I earn the money to keep it up.


Source of income:  Once leaving Uni I may not have enough of a network to be directly connected to the industry. With this being the case I will have to seek employment. Depending on what employment I choose it will impact my ability to work on my own projects.

Option 1: I could let my skills be hired by other creators and receive unstable compensation for my work which will assist me in getting my name out in the industry, yet sacrificing my ability to implement my ideas while losing mass amounts of my time to work on my projects all while earning little to no income.


Option 2: While on the other hand I could work for a non-creative company and earn a stable income with a manageable timetable which could provide me with stable amount funds that can support my projects, however in doing so reducing my ability to stretch out my ideas and causing me to be further from the industry.


Although these are only two of the many options these are, these are the simple options in which I can choose to make an income. While attempting to create my creative projects on the side.  While wanting to produce content and earn an income sounds easy there are many ways it can be done. I could either self-created, relying only on my own ability and available funds and publish media owned by myself alone. Or I can join a group of fellow creators and create media with them and publish our combined efforts together. With these two of many directions I can take, there is no restriction on doing both, it just relies on the time I have available.


After choosing what I want to do to create content, the next part is how I want to share it with the world. As there are many content-based services to choose from, it is hard to earn and money from them due to a lack of fan base I would have. So before I can consider making money I must first upload content and learn what works well and what doesn’t.  The best place I know that can give me a critique of my content is youtube. Using it’s millions of users it’s only natural that someone will eventually find my content. If my content has at least some entertainment value it will intrigue the viewer to not only want to share it with some friends but also make them want to communicate with the creator (me). The viewer would then say what they like and don’t like and as I the creator ready to take on board advice, will implement that feedback into my next content and will continue the cycle until a fan base has been created. From there, I should have a good direction of what people like and what I am doing right. With that new knowledge, my content should give me a spike in fan base which could lead to having potential fans which would like to pay for exclusive content. This is where I must alternate with another content service to earn some income while provided special content for those who are dedicated to viewing and want my content.


Although I have not much experience in receiving money for my work I will use the Penetration Pricing technique which will make my content cheap yet affordable for more fans to contribute to gain more content. To start off I think I will use the website Patron which is a website full of different creators who receive money for releasing exclusive content and by giving rewards. In doing this I will create content with or without other creators and deliver exclusive content to my paying fans and offer merchandise for those who are high paying.

With this current perspective and goal, I can continue to be apart of the creative industry after finishing my course and earn money to live and support myself and future projects.



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