Witnessing Cracks Of Time

In life, we live and create our path that leads to our future. When looking at our life we see it as a timeline in which events that we go through. When thinking of the future there is our current timeline and then multiple other lines in other directions representing the many different possibilities in which we can create and or suddenly find ourselves in.

The reason why the future is unpredictable is there is countless similar and different futures we are constantly changing and being created. That said physics and those fortune telling individuals are seen as wrong and or lying.

The french term “deja vu” is defined as a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. In some individuals such as myself when sleeping we dream a certain dream in which we forget as we wake up. Later seeing our dream play out in our eyes as we live our normal eyes. When seeing this the individual becomes slightly shocked and receives goose tumblr_inline_nwkw1roVS31tcnx1k_500bumps. While “deja vu” is hard to look into as it’s something that isn’t controlled and is unpredictable of when or what the individual sees. It can potentially be classed as a way of seeing the future timeline, as the “deja vu” seeing individual is seeing remembers seeing the exact scenario or experience. Meaning they are seeing into their chosen timeline.


All this was of my understanding until seeing my last “deja vu”. When witnessing my last “deja vu” my eyes have now completely opened up, causing me to question my knowledge and a bit of my existence.


My last “deja vu”, although was not too long ago, is hard to explain as it felt quick while still shocking. My last “deja vu” was off when I was attending a night event at uni. During the after party just as I was grabbing my glass of champagne I witnessed my lecture and friends walk past me in a conversation. This shocked me as this was my “deja vu” although this was only half of it. While letting the similar experience resume according to my “deja vu” I suddenly focused on the conversation between my lectures and friends. I quickly added input to their conversation grabbing their attention. Suddenly the small shock of the “deja vu” increased as I then remembered the rest of the experience I had already seen. I realised in that moment I had not followed what the original “deja vu” had shown me.

Still shocked I decided to quickly get back to what was going on around me so I can refocus on it when I have time to think. After the event my friends and I were walking to our hotel room while they were talking to each other I was ahead of them I had some time to think. While thinking deeply of what had occurred I realised I had changed my present and close future. As I continued to think I realised that I had basically jumped into another time line or future timeline. The original timeline being of what my “deja vu” predicted to my now current time line in which I jumped into.


Realising of what I had done I came to the assumption that by me jumping a time line I am probably not supposed to be in this timeline, and by knowing of the other timeline I have possibly opened a crack in time.

Which now leaves me,

Witnessing cracks of time.


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