Tri 1: Blog Task 4 – Curation

As I have many influences that assist and form my creative methods, I probably should explain some of my methods I like to use. By using YouTube I can explain and analyse pieces of media which inspire me to do something similar.


1. Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Official Video)

pasted image 0.png

As I hold a love for animation most of my influences are ideas come from it. In this first example (Porter Robinson & Madeon’s – Shelter) is a music animation which holds visuals that create a stronger story over the audio can do individually. As the video starts with a quick monologue of the main character describing how they feel in their current moment. With lyrics being under 100 words the visuals take control of what the audience focuses on. This is evident as the audio explains how a person wishes to explain what happened but has trouble, while the visual shows the person who was in the incident and where they are now, and how they remember what happens. With this in place, I believe I to can create a similar experience with other’s music and create a music video which can mean more and form an impact on the audience.

2. Bad Apple – Music Video.


In another animated music video Bad Apple, I am influenced to change how films in general use transition. When viewing this video all the transitions although in noir use objects to transition between scenes. Replicating this in a non-animated film would be a difficult challenge, yet if conquered it would be an interesting film technique which could potentially change how transitions a viewed in current to future films.

3. – Hikari Yo Music Video

maxresdefaultIn yet another animated music video Hikari Yo, I am influenced use a different kind of goth style for my future horror films. With little to no color, Hikari Yo successfully demonstrates a broken and banished like the world in a way that seems worse case scenario. This makes an audience feel uncomfortable as it is different from their usual world. In addition, the video uses an excessive outline, when used characters it adds the effect that a person or object isn’t stable as well not suited for the world. With this gothic style, I am inspired to use in live action films, although not seen in now a day films if successfully implemented it can cause a better and special effect towards an audience.

As this is only a few of the creative content which inspires me, these chosen three relate to my goals and wishes to complete in my future projects.


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