Tri 1: Blog Task 3 – Future Predictions

While studying for my bachelor I have to watch and observe old and new trends around my decade. Whilst researching trends I have discovered that some trends repeat and some trends weren’t even trends, to begin with. With this mindset, I believe I can make my own predictions from my current decade of what the next decade will find popular or trendy.

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Before I make predictions of trends that will come back I will first have to research what are the popular trends of past decades.

So let’s start with the 1980’s:


During the 1980’s fashion was quite unusual, with the public wearing fanny packs and

downloadshoulder pads. In addition to wearing chains and keyboard neckties.
However not only was fashion a big think but music and television combined to create MTV. With music videos being shown around the clock bands were no long just audible. 6a00e008dca1f088340153904d50f4970b-350wiWith Micheal Jackson creating a horror like video while he dances like a zombie to his hit song Thriller.

With music and television booming in the 80’s technology also had taken the world by storm. With the introduction of the Boombox, the creation of the CD and the first mobile phone.

As these are only a few of the popular things during the 1980’s, the 1990’s soon came around.


In fashion, guess jeans became popular with fluro clothing in addition to baja hoodies. While In music boy bands were the top of the charts. boy-bands-1990s-2000s

Yet not to far behind was a new kind of genre of music, Electronic!

While the tech was also blooming games and toys were more popular, with the invention of a digital pet which you feed and take out,image Tamagotchi (Japanese for friend) was a great success across children. In addition to portable gaming with Nintendo’s new creation the game-boy. With Nintendo’s previous generations success, they were now introduced to a new competitor, Sony! with their new PlayStation.

With new tech and cool games, the kids of the 90’s still had much more when they were introduced to the 2000’s


Kicking off with the now famous iPod. The iPod introduced in 2001 was a portable music digital player around the same size of a phone. With technology beginning to get smaller, in 2002 phones now started to get inbuilt cameras. In addition to more portable devices, the now hugely popular websites Facebook and YouTube was created. With the internet being wildly popular holding mass social media and creative content, the game company Nintendo took a chance with a new form of technology. This new technology was motion control, a way for a user to actively move to perform in the game, with great success it started the trend of motion controls throughout the future causing their competitors to follow and do the same.

With this great success with technology from the 2000’s our current day has a variety of change while reaching new heights. It makes a person wonder what the future could hold. With this in mind, there is countless predictions of what will be popular and normal for us in the future.


I believe with the future the way it is now, I think a lot of our previous trends will return as we current create many movie remakes it is probably likely that we will also bring back 4000other things from the past. For instance, a dead phone company Nokia is bringing back their old phone the Nokia 3310, with updated colors and phone design. However still using the same old software, with no real purpose stated for its return in an outdated time, fans of the old Nokia are still excited for the indestructible 3310 return.

As many technical advances are growing today, what will our future hold? Judging bAnker-Ultra-slim-Wireless-Charging-Pady our known new technology we can predict what will be our future. For example wireless
charging with no need for wires connected to our portable devices.In addition to visual mouses, with technology how it is at the moment computers can analyse a user’s eyes and predict where they are eye-tracking-750x404looking at. In addition to the new form of USB which will take over data Ethernet and visual cables. Known as thunderbolt 3 or USB-c, a cable which can do it all in the small size of a USB.


With the technology as it is this is all I can currently predict the future, however who knows for the future is always a mystery with a puzzle that is always changing.


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