Tri 1: Blog Task 2 -Media I Use That Identifies Me

As there are many types of media which inform, entertain and challenge a person. They all seem to affect a person and make up some of their choices and or actions during their days. To elaborate on this I will explain how the media I use influence and identify me and how they assist me in my goals and everyday life.

As my goal is to be working in the film industry, I use media to my advantage for many purposes within my daily routines. These include;

  1. YouTube: maxresdefaultYouTube is one of the primary media I use. I use YouTube as a service which provides tutorials in everyday life. This is due to YouTube having a massive variety of tutorial videos ranging from cooking to creating masterpieces. However, the tutorials I search are the ones relating to my love for tech, specifically those around computers and mobiles. With an introduction to a new piece of tech to a tutorial on new ways of using my tech. YouTube successfully satisfies my interest and desperation for exploring tech.
  2. AnimeLab:animelab-fb AnimeLab is the secondary media I use. I use AnimeLab as my main entertainment service, paired with my love for anime AnimeLab provides me with new and old episodes of anime. Anime is the main thing I watch gives me the inspiration to create anime styled stories in a real-life film, specifically physiological ones. That is where Animelab provides me with anime that entertain me and inspire me in my dream into the film industry.
  3. Facebook:facebook-search Facebook is a social media I use to communicate and keep up to date with my friends. With constant updates from my friends and family, I am kept up to date with who is near me and are doing something which I could potentially assist with. Specifically, tech problems and editing, as I have many friends they all know that I have a love for fixing technology in addition to editing. Which why using Facebook helps me help them and gives me the ability to join in with the people around me.

As this is only a few of the media I use, these three are the main ones which help identify me and assist me in working towards the film industry.


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