Tri 1: Blog Task 1: What brings me to learning Film

Week 1 – Start

My first week has just passed and I now have to start my assessments. However, before I begin, I have been asked by my lectures at the beginning of each of my classes, “What Makes Me Want to Study Film?” “Who Inspires Me?” “What Interests Me?” With these questions asked, I tried to think hard to give the same answer to each of my lectures. So instead of confusing them with my many inspirations and influences, I might as well state them in one place to keep my story straight.

So here is what brings me to learning


(Be Warned)

Firstly, what makes me want to study film? Well, there are many things that make up my aspiration of joining the film industry, however, to name one I will have to say, director Tim Burton. While in my childhood, I fell for many of Tim Burton’s traps referring to the roles of good and bad (Edward Scissor Hands). v1-1After leaving my childhood, I had started to re-watch Burton’s work then realised I had been tricked. With the Gothic themes confusing me of who is good and bad, I realised the traps that make you think and question not only the films but Burton as a Director. tim-burton-style
With these
Gothic themes in children films I was able to watch horror like films causing me to enjoy the idea of horror films. However I still can’t watch horror films without feeling my chest in my throat, I have
decided to express my
likeness in them by attempting to grow an emo like fringe and look somewhat scary. For I can one day be weird and exotic like him and create unusual films and stereotypes within films.

Secondly, who or what inspires me? Well, once again there are many things that inspire me to make films, oddly enough with my interest in confusing an audience and making them feel uncomfortable or lost. I am inspired by anime, specifically the physiological romantic ones. I know those reading this would ask “how does anime inspire you to film instead of animated?” The simple answer for this is that I can’t draw, not even on the computer. However, I have much enjoyment and inspiration from anime such as the anime (Kokoro connect).2a26b03797aab42a4c095c9f968cf5e9

With the physiological genre causing the illusion of mystery leading to guilt and concern it intrigues me if it can be replicated the same feeling in a real life film. In addition to the physiological genre, the romance within it still exists although it may not be the main item of
ba41e1ff080338beff8ee9e1a7451113the story it keeps the story and confusion together keeping an audience not to lose interest due to the confusion of previous scenes. Which inspires me to create more than just horrors but romantic themes with a horror aspect, keeping the audience scared yet determined for a couple to stay together.

Thirdly, what interests me? As I said earlier anime interests me, I am captured by the randomness and unusualness anime holds and presents.05cccd1aa8ff4ed6f9c3c303d358965f

With endless content, I have seen not enough anime to explain my experience in a short paragraph (

With countless more reasons pushing me to the career idea of the film, these three only scratches the surface of what inspirations lead me. Yet I hope my lecturers have a better understanding of what brings me to their university and where I plan to go afterwards.



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