Evening Pleasure,  Morning Hostage That Is My Love.

Their is something that gives you pleasure through the night yet holds you down in the morning.

After a long day it is the one their for you keeping you warm and calm. Its their for your bad times when you are down and upset. Its also their for your good times as well, helping you achieve the dreams which weren’t  in your hands before. It is also your escape to another world ands helps you stay alright  for the rest of the night that follows.

As the pleasure it gives you last all night, your security and warmth becomes a little too much. Once you have spent the whole night with it, you find your self awake handcuffed to it. Restrained and contained you can’t leave. You try to leave but the chain holding you down burns you with a cold temperature of the outside.

In the event of an attempt escape it covers your eyes and forces you to stay longer. Time quickly moves by  and you find your self still captured and held by it. You look at the clock and realise you are running late for your morning  commute. You attempt  to leave once again. This time the chains burns feel more painful as you move more and more away from it you feel less and less contained yet sorry for it.

Just before you leave its grip you look at in fond memories of the previous night and say “I’ll be back soon”. Its grip is then released, and you find your self missing it more and more during the day. You enjoy its nice nights yet painful mornings, whilst  thinking about as you catch up on the missed activities of your usual mornings. You tell your self no more, and try to get through  the day knowing of your goal for that night.

Soon after you arrive home it greets you with its charming smile and invites you to come closer. You clench your fist hard and begin to open your mouth to tell it your piece of mind. However in a blink of an eye you find your self together  with it again. Repeating the same thing everyday for you love it, hate it but can’t  leave it.

That is your bed.


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