What Is Media?

As we are all entitled to our own opinion we all see media as expression and communication of physical and digital ideas.

Whether it be used through an electronic device or through an article in a newspaper, media is the expression and or exposure of an event, item and or person. With a genre which may inform, persuade, influence and or sympathise a person.iot-feature

I myself use many sources of media in which give me socialisation, entertainment, information and influences which help me better understand the world I live in. These sources include;

Facebook: I use Facebook as not only a social platform but as a informative platform as well. With posts from current events in my area thanks to the local news teams and custom pages for business including reviews and recommendations. Facebook becomes my personal assist in deciding where to go around my area.


YouTube: I use YouTube as entertainment and informative platform. With uploads from entertaining people and informative videos which assist me, YouTube is a media which holds much information and entertainment for a user. However that isn’t all I use YouTube for, as socialisation is another platform that can be found. With the ability for anyone to upload a video, YouTube can be used for critiquing others and expressing ideas. I for one have been exposed to this within my own work on YouTube.

Google+: I use Google+ as an entertainment platform, With constant posts from a community of people I receive entertainment from other people creativity and polls towards genres I am interested in. With the ability to subscribe to multiple interesting genres, and interest with them. Google+ no longer is just an entertainment platform but a social platform as well. Implementing user profiles showing ones like and dislikes in addition to ones activity in their favourite community. I for one have a profile that I use frequently.



As you can see, their are multiple services of media which offer different types of platforms. With countless more out their and in different forms not only online media is everywhere influencing, informing, entertaining and helping others socialise.


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